Business Partners

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How can your corporation/business partner with FCA?

  • CAREGIVING PRODUCT ADVERTISING - We now offer our Tech4Care advertising program, which displays the products from a highly select range of businesses whose target audience is caregivers and others like them. Our goal is to focus on products and services that utilize newer technologies that make caregiving roles a little easier, or the tasks of caring more simplified.
  • WEBINAR SPONSORSHIP - We are opening up our caregiving webinar platform to select sponsorship opportunities. If your organization or business markets products and services specifically to caregivers, or if you are an author or educator wishing to reach a caregiver audience, please feel free to call our Education Coordinator at (800) 445-8106 to express your interest or fill out our advertising and sponsorship interest form. FCA seeks to align sponsors with relative webinar topics.
  • TEACHING PARTNERSHIPS FOR BUSINESSES - We can provide employers with time-tested caregiver information, education programs and caregiver services, with a special focus on the unique needs of employees who are also caregiving for family members and partners. Our tools and resources are field tested by family consultants with both family caregivers and well-respected companies. Topics of specialization: aging and long-term care, comprehensive caregiver assessment, custom care planning with ongoing consultation.
  • ONLINE EDUCATION - We work with certified professionals in the business arena (e.g., legal, healthcare), who can team with us to present highly tailored caregiving information to family caregivers through online classroom platforms (webinars, etc.).

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Thursday, January 23, 2014