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Trastorno neurocognitivo asociado con el VIH (HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorder — HAND)

Desde el comienzo de la epidemia del SIDA, más de tres décadas atrás, doctores, cuidadores familiares y amigos, y los propios pacientes han observado que algunas personas afectadas por la enfermedad experimentaban un deterioro de la función cerebral y de la capacidad de movimiento así como también cambios en el comportamiento y el estado de ánimo. Este trastorno recibió el nombre de trastorno neurocognitivo asociado al VIH (HIV‑associated Neurocognitive Disorder - HAND, por sus siglas en inglés).

Where to Find My Important Papers

Click here to download a PDF of this form to print or fill out on your computer.

FCA applauds Senate passage of the Older Americans Act

FCA applauds the Senate passage of the Older Americans Act that reaffirms the need for supporting older adults and their family caregivers. With the shifting demographics across the country and the growing need to support the 40 million unpaid caregivers that contribute an estimated 37 billion hours of care, the Older Americans Act contains vital services and support to those family members, neighbors, and friends who form the community network of care to enable older adults to remain in the community.

Governor Brown signs 2015-16 Budget: CRCs to receive $2 million

Thank you friends and supporters of Family Caregiver Alliance and California Caregiver Resource Centers!

Today, Governor Brown signed the California State Budget (2015-16) and the California Caregiver Resource Centers will receive an increase of $2 million!

Click here to review the signed budget. The CRC budget item is listed on page 27. It states:

FCA launches crowdfunding campaign for Camp for Caring

Family Caregiver Alliance today launched its first crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo in support of their longstanding Camp for Caregiving program.

FCA Support Group member shares her story in recent podcast

This spring FCA was contacted by Ceridian, a leading Employee Assistance Program that provides resources to millions of employees nationwide, seeking a caregiver participant for their resource podcast titled “How a Support Group Helped Me.”


The California Budget Conference Committee decision to include $3 million in the state budget for Caregiver Resource Centers (CRCs) now goes to Governor Brown. This is the LAST push to urge the governor and legislative leaders to keep $3 million in the upcoming budget.


‘How to find care for LGBT seniors’: a new PBS NewsHour article by FCA’s Leah Eskenazi

I clearly remember the first time I met Herb. He had beautiful white hair framing a handsome face with an inviting smile. But he greeted me with decidedly exhausted eyes.

New FCA Guest Column for PBS NewsHour

[Editor’s Note: “How to let go when a loved one is dying” is the title and subject of a new article by FCA‘s Bonnie Lawrence featured on the PBS NewsHour website.]

New Documentary on Huntington’s Disease: ‘The Lion's Mouth Opens’

Beginning June 1, HBO will premiere a short documentary on Huntington’s disease titled, “The Lion’s Mouth Opens.” Directed by Lucy Walker, the film tells the story of actress and filmmaker Marianna Palka, who courageously decides to undergo genetic testing to see if she carries the gene for Huntington’s disease, a debilitating hereditary neurological disorder, that many of her family members suffer from. A short trailer can be viewed online here.


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