Caregiving FAQs

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Have a question you would like to pose to our staff on care issues, use of community services, caregiver programs in your state or other caregiving issues? Just e-mail us at [email protected] with your question and your location and our social workers and resource specialists will respond! You can also visit our Family Care Navigator, State-by-State Help for Family Caregivers, to find resources in your state.


Common Caregiver Questions:


  • How can I get more help from my sibling/s—even if it's just moral support or an occasional visit?
  • I'm caring for a Veteran and seeking information to help me in this role . . . are there resources for me to consult?
  • Why does Mom get very agitated in the early part of the evening?
  • Is there a test I can take to find out if I'm going to develop Alzheimer's?
  • How can I provide care for my mom who lives 3,000 miles away?
  • Why does my spouse/partner keep repeating comments, questions, and actions?

Also, be sure to check our Fact Sheets and articles for information on a broad array of caregiving issues.