Coping Strategies working Informal (not paid) caregivers use to manage both caregiving and working

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My name is Lorilee Maldonado, I am a graduate student in the Health Sciences program at Walden University. I am studying the ways informal (not paid) caregivers manage various stress factors associated with working while providing care to an elderly person.

If you are an informal caregiver who is working and providing care to an elderly person living in the same household with you, you are invited to participate in this research.

This study takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is done entirely online. All of your answers will be kept confidential. Your answers will not be connected to any of your personal information. Participation in this study is voluntary and there is no compensation for doing so. You can also end your participation from the study at any time. No identifying information will be obtained, responses are completely confidential, and no one will contact you for additional information. Please be aware some questions could cause emotional discomfort, feel free to skip any portion of this survey for any reason.

To participate in this research, please click on the link below: