Del Norte and San Diego Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs)

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There are two ADRCs that provide information and access to long-term care support and services: (1) Humboldt and Del Norte Counties and (2) San Diego County.


Del Norte: 
(707) 464-7876 

(707) 442-9591 or (800) 408-4636

San Diego: 
From within San Diego, call: (800) 510-2020
From outside San Diego, call: (800) 339-4661

Caregiver Eligibility: 

Anyone caring for someone who meets care recipient eligibility.

Care Recipient Eligibility: 

- In Humboldt and Del Norte Counties: Anyone age 18 and over with physical disabilities are eligible for services. 
- In San Diego: Anyone 60 and older and other adults age 21 and over with disabilities are eligible for services.