Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV): Driving With a Cognitive Impairment or Dementia

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Physicians are mandated to report patients with a diagnosed condition that may impair their ability to drive to the DMV. The DMV has the authority to investigate and reexamine individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. The “Request for Driver Reexamination” form is available HERE.

The reexamination can result in one of the following conditions:

Type 1 Medical Probation- Requires drivers to periodically report to the DMV to demonstrate compliance with their physician treatment plans

Type 2 Medical Probation- Requires the driver's physician to report on their condition periodically

Periodic reexamination- The driver is scheduled for a follow-up retest

Restriction- The driver is limited to when or where they can drive (e.g., during the day or between specific locations)

Suspension- The driver’s privilege are revoked indefinitely

Revocation- The driver’s privilege are terminated

License renewal occurs every 5 years. Senior driver’s (age 70+) must apply for license renewal in person.

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