Eldercare Supportive Supervisor Behaviors: The Impact on Employee Work Outcomes

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This online survey is used for a study to investigate the relationship between eldercare demands and an individuals’ work life. You will be asked to fill out the surveys based on your own experiences. Based on the purpose of this study, qualified participants should be employed in an organization, be living in the United States of America, and be facing eldercare demands in the current time. We will be collecting data three times with a one month lag in between and each survey should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Participants who meet these inclusion criteria will be rewarded $1.00 after completing the online survey. There will also be an additional chance to win one of ten $15 Amazon gift cards for people who completed the survey. Confidentiality will be guaranteed and your response will be used only for the study mentioned above. Your participation will benefit the research community by increasing understanding of this new research topic and help organizations better support employees with eldercare demands.