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Aging 360™ workshop: Making your home a partner in caregiving

This is a three session workshop designed by the nonprofit organization At Home With Growing Older to help you, as a caregiver, make the home the care receiver is living in more dementia and aging friendly. An architect and a social worker will co-lead the workshop sessions and discuss both simple, and more complex adaptations to the home to improve safety and livability while keeping the needs of someone with dementia in mind.

During this interactive workshop participants will evaluate where the home might present challenges and will experiment with one small change to make both caregiving easier and the person living with dementia more successful in his/her environment.

Participation in all three sessions is recommended to benefit from the individualized feedback of the facilitators and to learn from insights and solutions from other participants.

Participation is limited to 20 participants.


Susanne Stadler, Architect, Inclusive design activist, Executive Director/At Home With Growing Older

Donna Schempp, LCSW, Geriatric Care Manager, co-designer of the Aging 360 workshop

Jun 6, 2024 | 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (Pacific) Location:

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