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Chair Yoga for Self-Care and Self Love with Yoga4Caregivers

Yoga has striking benefits for family caregivers. Studies have shown that yoga can have many beneficial effects for those who engage in a regular practice including reduced stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. For many, yoga may seem an intimidating pursuit because of injuries, balance issues, or unfamiliarity. Yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of age, and physical ability. A chair is simply a prop to help you to access your expression of the pose and support your body. Chair yoga can help you safely and comfortably reap the benefits of yoga and improve your well-being.

Yoga4Caregivers Project was established to support the health, mental health, and well-being of caregivers. The Yoga4Caregivers Project is part of the Caregiver Wellness Collective Inc., a non-profit that provides holistic wellness education and services to caregivers inclusive of family, chosen family (LGBTQ) and professionals. Their Caregiver Kula, or intentional community of the heart, provides free daily mindful movement classes as well as wellness workshops, virtual retreats, and online social gatherings created with the busy caregiver in mind. The Caregiver Wellness Collective Inc. is founded by Jennifer Henius, LCSW, RYT. To learn more, visit:

www.facebook.com/caregiverwellnesscollective www.facebook.com/yoga4caregivers www.facebook.com/lgbtqcaregivers


-Discover how the embodied practices of slow mindful yoga can support your self-care and improve your well-being.

-Learn how conscious slow breathing can help you to calm your nervous system and promote rest and digest.

-Explore how yoga can help us to lovingly reconnect us with our true selves and enable a sacred space to ground ourselves with self-compassion and self-love so that we can give care from our overflow instead of the depths of the well.

Presenter Ellen MacKay

Ellen MacKay (she/her) is the Project Manager at Yoga4Caregivers. Ellen has a genuine passion for supporting caregiver well-being and serves on the leadership team of the Caregiver Wellness Collective Inc. Ellen is an experienced trauma informed yoga teacher, trained social worker and former family caregiver for her mother during her battle with lung cancer and her father during his COPD progression. Ellen is passionate about empowering others to find healing by turning inward to connect with the body, mind and spirit.

How to prepare for the Chair Yoga Class:

Use any sturdy chair (no wheels) and put it in a safe space in an area with no sharp edges

Wear comfortable clothes

Practice in your bare feet or slip resistant shoes

Have water near by

Listen to your body, do not ever push or strain to do a pose, stay in your body’s feel-good comfort zone

Be open to the experience

Sep 29, 2021 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Pacific)

Location: Online

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