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Family Caregiver Support Group

Family Caregiver Support Group

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Building Resilience to Stress for Caregivers
Guest Speaker: Angela Wackerly, Study Coordinator, CAAP Study, UCSF

Caregivers are faced with the challenge of managing a loved one’s care while maintaining their own well-being.  Some caregivers thrive in their role while others struggle to maintain their own mental and physical health.  Science has shown us that there are specific tools that we can use to build resilience in the face of stress. In this workshop, we will focus on three evidence-based resilience tools: 1) the benefits of mindfulness and reframing, 2) how gratitude can shape our emotional health, and 3) the importance of keeping the mind agile and focused.  This interactive workshops lasts 30 minutes. We will walk through several exercises to help everyone connect with the tools we will be covering. We will also share areas of future research and ways you can get involved. Come with your questions to our support group. A group discussion on family caregiving will follow the presentation. Please join us to share your caregiving experiences and learn from others.

Admission is free and RSVP is not required, but recommended. PARTICIPANTS MUST BE NON-PROFESSIONAL FAMILY CAREGIVERS who are taking care of families or friends. This program is partially funded by City and County of San Francisco, Department of Aging and Adult Services and Family Caregiver Alliance.

For more information, please call Fumiko DiDomizio, Senior Case Manager at 415-931-2275 or fdidomizio@kimochi-inc.org



ゲストスピーカー: Angela Wackerly, Study Coordinator, CAAP Study, UCSF


日時:2月21日 (火) 1:00~2:30pm

於:Kimochi Office気持会2階会議室 

1715 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA 94115

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2017年3月 トイレ介助(ビデオを使います)

2017年4月 脳梗塞のサインと、911を呼ぶべき場合

2017年5月 問題行為への対処 (ビデオを使います)


このプログラムはサンフランシスコDepartment of Aging and Adult Services及びFamily Caregiver Allianceより一部助成金を受けております。ご質問のある方は、気持会ディドミジオ史子までお電話415-931-2275 or fdidomizio@kimochi-inc.orgでご連絡ください。


Feb 17, 2017 | 10:30 AM – 12:00 AM (Pacific)

Location: Kimochi Office
2nd Floor Conference Room
1715 Buchanan Street, San Francisco 94115