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Home Emergency Preparedness and Resilience

Floods, earthquakes, tornados, snowstorms, wildfires, heat waves, power outages… wherever you live, there likely exists the potential for a variety of disasters that can create an emergency situation. When you’re caring for a someone, it’s times like these that you’ll be thankful for having prepared for such a situation.

This special webinar features experts from the San Mateo County Department of Emergency Management and will provide viewers with information on:

-The importance of preparedness
-Risk assessment: how to identify local risks and hazards
-Creating an emergency communication plan
-Assembling an emergency supply kit
-How to shelter in place to stay safe at home
-Developing an evacuation plan for leaving home if necessary.
-Safety skills and training (basic first aid and essential safety skills)
-Community resources (local emergency services and resources)
-How to stay informed during an emergency

David Cosgrave, SMC Department of Emergency Management
Kevin Foiles, SMC Department of Emergency Management

This webinar is funded by Alameda County Department of Adult and Aging Services, Contra Costa County Area Agency on Aging, the City of San Francisco’s Department of Disability and Aging Services, San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services, Sourcewise, and the California Department of Aging.

Jul 26, 2023 | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Pacific) Location:

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