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Let’s Get Away Together

This series is comprised of interactive sessions with each week focusing on a new place or cultural activity, while incorporating storytelling, music, poetry writing, and/or a simple craft. Each session will include a follow-up message filled with tips, activities, and recipes for families to continue to enjoy after the virtual trip. The focus of each group is to explore a new world, experience a variety of engaging opportunities, and enjoy a sense of camaraderie and community.

Let’s Get Away Together is intended to be an enjoyable activity for family caregivers and the person they care for. Those receiving care who are able to participate in the discussion and activities are encouraged to attend with their family caregiver.

August 3Culture, food, and heritage sites of Mexico! 

Let’s travel to Mexico to explore its diverse world heritage and cultural sites, where tacos were born, tequila is made, and festivals are celebrated year-round!

August 10–Art Around the World – Italy: Home of the Masters

Explore Italian artists and contemplate how this nation managed to produce so many of the Masters!

August 17–Let’s Go to Iceland

Let’s go to Iceland to learn about and hear live (on zoom) traditional Icelandic and Nordic music, as well as exploring the beautiful natural areas, hot springs, and hikes.

August 24–Encore to India! Art and Food! 

Whether you’ve missed our travels to India in the past, or are just itching for a deeper dive into the arts and culture of this fascinating country, look no further! Join us as we enjoy traditional and modern visual and performance arts and food from popular destinations in the Indian subcontinent.

August 31–Americana Art: a Slice of the American Life 

Celebrate the rich flavors and stories of the United States, represented through Americana Folk Art.

September 7–no session

September 14–Art Around the World – Asian Art and the Breath of Life

Experience the many facets of Asian Art, from ceramics to printmaking to calligraphy to jade carving. We will learn what it is to breathe life while creating art.

September 21–Lets travel to Indonesia! 

Let’s travel to Indonesia to learn about this country’s expansive natural resources, animals, cuisine, and cultural history! 

September 28–Summer in Ireland: traditional Irish Music, and Summer Festivals!

Join Katrina for traditional Irish music while traveling Ireland. Learn about the traditional Irish Session and the many ‘trad festivals’ while having a ‘good craic’ together with live music over Zoom.

Aug 31, 2021 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (Pacific)

Location: Online

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