Families, Tech and Caregiving Webinar Archives Now Available

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Now Available: Two Archived Webinars on

How Emerging Technologies Can Help Caregiving Families


To help families and caregivers learn about these emerging technologies, Family Caregiver Alliance has archived the two webinars on our You Tube channel, along with the power point slide and links to other informational materials mentioned in the webinars.

  • New Ways to Care: How Family Caregivers Can Use New Technologies at Home. This is a practical overview of how technology can help you care for a frail or ill loved one at home. The focus today is on making your home safer and more efficient. We’ll look at current products as well as some exciting innovations in the pipeline for development. Speakers: David Lindeman, Dir. Health Care, CITRIS, UC; Dir, Center for Technology and Aging; Rajiv Mehta, Principal, Bhageera Consulting; Kathleen Kelly, Dir. Family Caregiver Alliance  Original Airdate: January 14, 2015
  • Guide to Tech Services & Products: Making the Best Match for Your Family’s Needs. If you’re not a tech wiz, how do you find and evaluate the new digital products that are available right now? In this second of two webinars, we’ll offer useful tips and checklists to guide your decision-making.  Richard Caro, Scientist; Silicon Valley Entrepreneur; Mary Hulme, LCSW, Geriatric Care Manager & Owner, Moonstone Geriatrics; Christina Irving, Family Consultant, FCA; : David Lindeman, Dir. Health Care, CITRIS, UC; Dir, Center for Technology and Aging Original Airdate: January 21, 2015

Underwriting for the consumer education webinars and materials is provided by Julia Ko.

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Monday, March 30, 2015