Mobility Decline

Serie de Videos de la Escurela de Cuidadores: 1. Técnicas de movilización (Caregiver College: 1. Transfer Skills--Spanish)

看護者學院 視頻系列 : 1. 移動技巧 (Caregiver College: 1. Transfer Skills (Chinese traditional)

1: Transfer Skills (Caregiver College Video Series)

Transfer Skills (Caregiver College Video Series)

This video contains tips and instructions on how to use gravity and leverage to assist you when lifting or transferring a loved one who has limited mobility.

Transferring Mom was New, But Restlessness and Inactivity Kindled her Agitation

Our family equation for caregiving developed slowly, over five rigorous years following our father's death. Two sisters and I divide the year into three, with each caregiving our 85 year-old mother four months. Mom spends summer on Kauai. 

My first summer with Mom was clumsy. Not clumsy like, "Oops, I tripped over a crack . . ." clumsy like a caffeinated circus performer juggling 14 greased kittens─ridiculous, slightly hazardous, and horrifying to observers.

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