Multiple Sclerosis

Disease and How It Controls You

I have lived with my partner for the last 26 years she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 2004 up until the last few years she was able to be somewhat more active now she is bedridden her back an feet are very debilitated she can not lay back at all sometimes it is very difficult to change her because she is in so much pain she yells and cusses me out quite frequently I have been a family caregiver since 2008 she doesn't allow me to be away from her more than a few hours she always thinks she’s going to die that day I tell her all the time it’s up to God doctors tell her there is not any

Sharing the MS Journey

Let's face it! We have MS. Actually, only my wife has primary progressive multiple sclerosis. But, having made the choice, I share the journey as her primary caregiver. We are now in our mid 60's but far from finished!

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