Help us Meet a Holiday Challenge Grant!

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Family Caregiver Alliance has received a challenge grant of $12,000 to match with contributions from our supporters by the end of the year.

Dick Essey, FCA Board alumnus, has pledged this challenge grant to extend our direct services to family caregivers. Dick has experienced caregiving on a personal level with the diagnosis of ALS of his wife and through many years of care for her as her illness progressed. Dick has been a tireless advocate for families and the primary underwriter of FCA's annual Caregiver Retreat giving family caregivers an opportunity to refresh and renew over a weekend retreat.

Here's why you should help us meet this challenge:

  • Family caregivers, whether new to caregiving or those who have years of experience, need information, practical advice, services and support regardless of where they are in the care continuum. Family Caregiver Alliance meets families where they are with tailored assistance and an empathetic ear for those who are often overwhelmed, misinformed, sleep deprived, emotionally exhausted and concerned about finances and planning for the future.
  • Families and friends are the default support system for those with Alzheimer's, stroke and other disabling conditions, yet even if they don't have enough resources to pay for help like ours on their own, many don't qualify for government subsidies because their income is too high.
  • When you contribute to FCA you are funding the many free or low-cost programs and services providing education, referrals, and financial and emotional support designed to address these very concerns. You are supporting family caregivers in a variety of meaningful and much-needed ways that will have a powerful and positive impact on many lives.  

Dick Essey readily acknowledges that his family had the advantage of resources to pay for in-home care and support for his wife - but he also knows that many families are stretched just to meet basic care costs. Please give generously this season to match his gift so we may provide more families with the support they deserve. 

Donate online or by contacting us by phone at (800) 445-8106 x326.

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Thank you so very much for helping us reach this goal!

Thursday, December 11, 2014