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How Emerging Technologies Can Help Caregiving Families


Dementia: Is this Dementia and What Does it Mean?


What does it mean when someone is said to have dementia? For some people, the word conjures up scary images of “crazy” behavior and loss of control. In fact, the word dementia describes a group of symptoms that includes short-term memory loss, confusion, the inability to problem-solve, the inability to complete multi-step activities such as preparing a meal or balancing a checkbook, and, sometimes, personality changes or unusual behavior.

Understanding Palliative/Supportive Care: What Every Caregiver Should Know

Palliative care, also increasingly known as Supportive Care, may be one of the most misunder­stood terms in healthcare. Many people believe it’s the same as hospice care and it means the end of life. But palliative care is different from hospice, and when put in place, palliative care can bring hope, control, and a chance at a better quality of life for seriously ill patients and their caregivers.

Meet FCA CareJourney: A New Application for Family Caregivers

After almost two years of planning and development, Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) is pleased to announce the beta test launch of FCA CareJourney, a unique online application that tailors information, training, and services for family caregivers. After answering a brief questionnaire, tailored information, resources, and communication channels are provided in a personalized dashboard that the caregiver can return to throughout their caregiving journey.

Privacy Policy


Family Caregiver Alliance provides a website with sub-domain resources:

The Website and sub-domain allow our clients and other users to view caregiving information, provide information about their caregiving situation and to access caregiver services.

Caregiving at Home: A Guide to Community Resources

[This new fact sheet replaces Helping Families Make Everyday Care Choices and Community Care Options, 8/11/16]


The diagnosis of a dementing illness or disabling health condition marks a new stage in your life and your family’s life. Important decisions about care arise, along with uncertainty and anxiety. Some choices might need to be made right away. Others lie ahead.

Complaint, Concerns, and Grievance Process

You have a right to consumer satisfaction and to the following steps in your grievance process.

Your satisfaction with services from is very important to us. If you have a concern or complaint, we encourage you to follow the steps below to ensure we are providing the highest quality of service possible.

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