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Medicare is a government health insurance program for adults age 65 and older, some people under age 65 with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal disease:

- Part A covers hospital costs as well as limited skilled nursing, home health and hospice care, without a monthly premium.
- Part B covers medical costs, such as doctor's visits and outpatient care, to those who pay a monthly premium.
- Part D includes limited prescription drug coverage through private insurance companies for those who choose to pay a monthly premium.


(800) 633-4227

In California, call:
(800) 434-0222

Caregiver Eligibility: 


Care Recipient Eligibility: 

Multiple requirements:

- U.S. citizen or legal resident
- Any adult age 65 or older OR any adult receiving Social Security Disability Insurance OR any adult with End-Stage Renal Disease or ALS