National Consensus Report on Caregiver Assessment: Volumes I & ll

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This groundbreaking two-part report from the National Center on Caregiving at Family Caregiver Alliance calls for significant improvement in health care and long-term care that relies too much on families without recognizing and assessing family caregivers' own support and health needs. Caregiver assessment is an essential component of comprehensive care for frail elders and adults with chronic or disabling conditions, particularly dementia.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provided primary funding for this project, with additional support from the Archstone Foundation and The California Endowment.

Volume I, Caregiver Assessment: Principles, Guidelines and Strategies for Change, reflects the professional consensus achieved among nationally recognized experts and stakeholders on fundamental principles and practice guidelines that apply to a range of practitioners in a variety of settings.  The strategies focus on stimulating caregiver assessment as a basic component of practice. (File size 2 MB, 5 minutes 56kps modem | 35 seconds broadband)

Volume II, Caregiver Assessment: Voices and Views from the Field, provides four background papers and two personal accounts. Chronic illness and disability, as these accounts reveal, affects not only the lives of the individual, but also of family members who provide the care and support. (File size 3.2 MB, 6 minutes 56kps modem | 40 seconds broadband)