Personal Assistance Services Program (PASP)

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The PASP provides routine, non-medical assistance to adults with disabilities who are employed, involved in community volunteer work, or attending school.

Personal assistants help with tasks such as: light house keeping, bathing, dressing, preparing meals, shopping, driving or using public transportation. The total number of hours a person can receive is determined based on individual need, up to a maximum of 40 hrs/week. A distinction between the PASP and other personal assistance programs in NJ is that the PASP requires self direction; meaning the individual with the disability must direct his/her own services.


(888) 285-3036

Caregiver Eligibility: 


Care Recipient Eligibility: 

Applicants must:

- reside in New Jersey
- have a permanent physical disability
- be between the ages 18 and 70 years old
- live in the community
- be capable of directing and supervising their own services
- be employed, preparing for employment, in school, or actively volunteering in the community