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看護者學院 視頻系列 : 5. 如廁/失禁 (Caregiver College: 5. Toileting/Incontinence--Chinese traditional)

看護者學院 視頻系列 : 3. 牙科護理 (Caregiver College: 3. Dental Care--Chinese traditional)

看護者學院 視頻系列 : 2. 營養 (Caregiver College: 2. Nutrition--Chinese traditional)

護理學院 視頻系列 : 簡介 (Caregiver College: Introduction--Chinese traditional)

Internet Services for Low-Income Adults

As more access to services and information move online, those with reduced or fixed income budgets can take advantage of discounted internet services offered by many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in their communities. Companies that offer basic connectivity for those on a fixed/low income budget are subsidized by the Federal Communications Commission through the Universal Service Administrative Company. While not offered in all communities – rural communities may still have difficulties with internet services – most urban and suburban areas have at least one option.

護理和冠狀病毒 給看護者的小指示 (Caregiving and the Coronavirus: Tips For Caregivers)


在進行預防新型冠狀病毒(novel coronavirus)的措施期間,家人和朋友的照顧者應加強預防措施,以保護您自己和自己所關心的人的健康。


• 建立一份本地組織清單,萬一您和您的家人需要醫療保健和其他資源協助時,可以聯繫那些本地組織。

Cuidado y el coronavirus: CONSEJOS PARA CUIDADORES (Caregiving and the Coronavirus: Tips For Caregivers)

Versión en PDF disponible aquí

Durante las medidas actuales de prevención de infecciones asociadas con el nuevo coronavirus, los cuidadores familiares y amigos deben tomar precauciones adicionales para mantenerse a sí mismos y a quienes cuidan de manera saludable.

Caregiving and the Coronavirus: TIPS FOR CAREGIVERS

PDF version available 

Estate Planning 101 for California Property Owners

Partner Content: NIH-NIA | Consejos al hablar con su médico (Tips for Talking with Your Doctor: Spanish)

Consejos al hablar con su médico   |   Descargue el documento aquí.



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