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A team of researchers at Oregon State University is working to understand how middle-aged women who care for parents with Alzheimer’s Disease or a related dementia work towards their own personally selected physical activity goals. 

In order to do so, we are seeking participants for our study, titled the ACHIEVE Study.

You are eligible for participation in the study if you are:

  • (1) a woman
  • (2) between the ages of 50-64
  • (3) spend at least 20 hours a week caring for at least one parent or parent-in-law who has Alzheimer’s Disease or a related dementia.

As a thank you for participating, you will be paid up to $200.00.

The study activities include selecting your own physical activity goal and reporting on your progress towards that goal each day for 30 consecutive days via a brief online survey. In the beginning of the study, you will complete an initial survey during which you identify your physical activity goal and provide some information on your general health and behavior. Then each day for 30 consecutive days you will complete the brief survey reporting on your physical activity goal progress that day, along with your experiences caregiving and your perceptions of your own aging that day. Following the 30 days, you will also complete a brief post-study survey. All surveys will be administered online.

If you are willing to participate, please complete the following online survey:

Click here to access the ACHIEVE Study Eligibility Survey

If you have additional questions about the study, please feel free to email the study’s Principal Investigators, Shelbie Turner, MPH (turneshe@oregonstate.edu) or Karen Hooker, Ph.D. (hookerk@oregonstate.edu).

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