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Aging with Pride: IDEA (Innovations in Dementia Empowerment and Action)

Aging with Pride: IDEA is the first federally-funded research study examining ways to improve the health and quality of life for adults in the LGBTQ+ community with memory loss and their care partners. Either the person with memory loss or their care partner must be LGBTQ+ and both participate as a pair.

The IDEA program tests a tailored approach to address the unique needs of LGBTQ+ older adults who frequently experience stigma, isolation and negative interactions with healthcare providers. The care partner can be a spouse, partner, adult child, relative, friend, or anyone who helps the person with memory loss. The program is free and virtual, using easy video chatting. Participants don’t have to leave home to participate. The person with memory loss must be 50 years or older. The pair must live in the U.S. but do not need to live together.

This study includes:

  • Nine individualized sessions with a trained coach who teaches the pair problem-solving skills to improve behavioral issues and address communication challenges related to memory loss. The pair also learns a low-impact exercise program including stretching, flexibility, balance and endurance to strengthen the body, reduce injury and improve mood.
  • Compensation for completing five telephone interviews over a 13-month period.

To learn more call 1-888-655-6646 or email ageIDEA@uw.edu. Visit us at https://ageidea.org/