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Are you a caregiver for an aging parent or in-law? Seeking romantic couples for an online survey in exchange for $25 Amazon gift card

We are seeking couples for a study examining how people who provide care to their aging parents or in-laws feel about their caregiving experience. To qualify for the study, participants must:

  • be part of a couple in which the female is a primary caregiver for an aging parent/in-law and the male is not a primary caregiver
  • be living with a romantic partner or spouse for at least 1 year
  • not have a chronic condition in which you are dependent on your partner or a partner with a chronic condition in which they are dependent on you
  • not have children with chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, or emotional conditions that require care beyond that required by other children generally
  • both partners must also be 18 years of age or older, speak English as their first or primary language, and be willing to complete an online survey

If eligible, participation would involve you and your romantic partner completing a roughly 30-minute online survey.

You and your partner will receive $25 in the form of an Amazon e-gift card as appreciation for completing the survey.

If you are interested in participating, please contact the Principal Investigator, Kirby Magid, at kmagid@uncc.edu or (980)-999-0655 to complete a quick screening questionnaire to confirm eligibility.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation!

IRB approval #: IRB-23-0274