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Care2Sleep Education Program

Are you a caregiver for a person with memory problems?
Do you have problems sleeping?

Researchers at UCLA are looking for volunteers to test two different education programs that teach simple strategies designed to help those with memory problems and their caregivers sleep better.

Study activities include:

  • An initial health assessment
  • Five weekly one-hour sleep education sessions conducted by a sleep educator
  • Two follow-up assessments
  • Optional collection of blood samples from caregivers
  • Optional sleep apnea screening for both

All study activities will be completed via phone and video telehealth (no in-person contact)
Compensation up to $310 for caregivers and $190 for care-receivers

If you are interested or would like to learn more, please contact us at:

Phone: 818-891-7711 ext. 36072
Email: songsleepstudyresearch@gmail.com