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Caregiver Education Surrounding Mealtimes in Persons with Dementia

Hello! Are you an informal (e.g., family, friend, etc.) caregiver of persons with dementia that have some difficulty surrounding mealtimes? If so, please consider joining this online study! We are offering free, individualized, education sessions surrounding mealtime difficulties (e.g., swallowing impairments, setting up a good mealtime environment, reducing distractibility, etc.). This is part of a clinical research study approved by the University of Oregon Institutional Review Board with the goal of increasing quality of life for both caregivers and persons with dementia.

To join, please use this link: https://bit.ly/caregiver_education

Below is a flyer with more information regarding the study. If you have any further questions, please email David at dbayne@uoregon.edu. Thank you!