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50 State Profiles: Sources (2014 Update)

For media reporter, healthcare researchers and other interested parties, we have made the source list for the 2014 updates to our 50 State Profiles available for download as a PDF below (URLs to various online sources are included).




Family Caregiving and Transitional Care: A Critical Review (2012)

FCA Releases Two New Reports Focusing on Critical Roles Family Caregivers Play in Healthcare

Increased support, recognition and training are needed by families as healthcare continues to move into home settings

SAN FRANCISCO - December 17, 2012 - The National Center on Caregiving at Family Caregiver Alliance has released two new reports that shine a light on the important roles of family caregivers in U.S. healthcare?and how those caregivers are often unrecognized and unsupported within medical and long-term service systems.

Archived State-by-State Legislation

Though many states continue to face economic challenges, we applaud those that are forging ahead and working towards creating real solutions that will make real differences in the lives of caregivers. In 2003, already 19 states have introduced legislation that would either explicitly or implicitly assist caregivers. In general, the legislation listed below does not include annual appropriations measures, unless significantly new funding or program development is included in the proposal.

Selected Caregiver Assessment Measures: A Resource Inventory for Practitioners (2012)

Caregiving Across the States: 50 State Profiles (2014)

Caregiving Across the States: 50 State Profiles - 2014 Update


Intervention to Delay Nursing Home Placement...

A family intervention to delay nursing home placement of patients with alzheimer's disease: A randomized controlled trial

Citation Mittelman, M., Ferris, S., Shulman, E., Steinberg, G., Levin, B. (1996). A family intervention to delay nursing home placement of patients with alzheimer's disease - A randomized controlled trial. The Journal of the American Association, 276(21), 1725-1731.

Design Randomized controlled study

Making Hard Choices: Respecting Both Voices

Findings from a groundbreaking research study exploring choice and decision-making in everyday care for persons with cognitive impairment and their family caregivers.

The study makes policy and practice recommendations to advance knowledge on consumer direction and dementia care.

Download scanned PDF of the report, published May 2000.


National Consensus Report on Caregiver Assessment: Volumes I & ll

This groundbreaking two-part report from the National Center on Caregiving at Family Caregiver Alliance calls for significant improvement in health care and long-term care that relies too much on families without recognizing and assessing family caregivers' own support and health needs. Caregiver assessment is an essential component of comprehensive care for frail elders and adults with chronic or disabling conditions, particularly dementia.


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