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Emerging Practices

Programs included here are noted for their successful use of “unconventional” means (such as the arts and multimedia) and foster innovation by bringing services to historically underserved populations, such as ethnic, rural and LGBTQ+ communities. New and imaginative supports were central to these programs which may serve as a guide for others attempting to achieve a similar goal. In addition, programs:

  1. Must be either caregiver specific or contain a significant caregiver component, with a clearly defined goal
  2. Must provide some form of acceptable evidence for their effectiveness
  3. Can provide clear details on method and process of the intervention/activities
  4. Are available for distribution from a credible source that is likely to remain available for the foreseeable future
  5. Offer a fresh perspective to family caregiver support in at least one area of interest:
  • Diversity (ethnic populations, unconventional caregivers etc)
  • Creative expression/Alternative approaches (e.g. use of multi media)
  • Diverse settings (rural communities, nursing homes etc)
  • Health literacy
  1. Offer vital lessons learned