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I am a Caregiver for my ______.

Let’s put a face on caregiving!

“I am a Caregiver for my ______.”

SHARE your UnSelfie and help continue to raise awareness for the
40 million+ U.S. family caregivers who provide an estimated $470 billion of unpaid service annually.

Begun in the fall of 2015, the campaign continues!

Facebook: #IAmACaregiverForMy   Twitter: #IAmACaregiverForMy

See this FCA blog post about the campaign (with PHOTOS) here.

Will you join the campaign?

Here are the four easy steps:

  1. Download and print the 8.5″x11″ sign in English or Spanish (No longer available):
  2. Be sure to fill in the blank space (use a large pen) identifying who it is you are a caregiver for: your spouse, your father, your best friend …
  3. Take your photo using your phone or digital camera.
  4. SHARE!
    Email your picture to fca@caregiver.org and we will share your picture on our social media sites;
    Facebook: Post your picture to your page and then Share it with FCA @FamilyCaregiverAlliance;
    Twitter: Post your picture to your page and add FCA’s Twitter handle @CaregiverAlly.
  5. Use the following hashtag with your post on social media: #IAmACaregiverForMy.

NOTE: Please feel free to make this campaign your own (Use your organization’s logo or, if you don’t have access to a printer, write a sign by hand.)


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