Elder Abuse

COVID-19 Related Scams & Elder Abuse

Gabay para sa Mga Caregiver Upang Maunawaan ang Ugali at Kilos ng mga Taong may Dementia (Caregiver’s Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviors)


What You Need to Know About Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse (Webinar)

Guía del Cuidador para Entender los Comportamientos de la Demencia (Caregivers Guide to Understanding Dementia Behavior)


Incompetent Caregiver

My friend just died prematurely and alone because her spouse was incompetent. He ignored physical symptoms she had and did not get medical care for her until she was critically ill. I urged him for a month to take her to physician. Others did, as well. But he couldn't seem to put this into action, rather kept wondering. I must add he is a psychiatrist very divorced from physical medicine. He kept thinking all symptoms were mental.

FCA Partners with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Family Caregiver Alliance works in partnership with many organizations on behalf of caregivers—providing them direct assistance through information, training and education, or through advocacy and support of caregiving legislation. One such partner is the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. We recently hosted the webinar, Family Caregiving 101: A Roadmap for the Journey, as part of a Caregiver Education Series for the members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. We are also working with them as part of their Elder Care Initiative, in support of their goal to help reduce elder abuse.

Caregiver’s Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviors



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