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How Emerging Technologies Can Help Caregiving Families

Family Caregiver Alliance launches an online service for family caregivers of adults with serious health conditions

For the first time, family caregivers can get support and information tailored for their situation—free, secure, and accessible 24/7

SAN FRANCISCO—September 12, 2017—Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) announces the launch of FCA CareJourney™, a dynamic online service, mobile-ready that delivers specialized information directly to family caregivers. Based on FCA’s 40 years of service and research experience and insights from families, CareJourney™ responds to the complicated needs of caregiving.

Digital Technology for the Family Caregiver

Thanks to advances in medicine and public health, people are living longer than ever before. This means more and more family caregivers are responsible for managing the diverse needs of a loved one with chronic illness or frailty. How can family caregivers attempt to balance this added responsibility along with their own personal needs, work, parenting and other demands in their lives?

Tecnología Digital para los Cuidadores Familiares (Digital Technology for Family Caregivers - Spanish)

Tecnología digital para los cuidadores familiares

Gracias a los avances en la medicina y la salud pública, las personas viven más tiempo que antes. Esto significa que cada vez más cuidadores familiares son responsables de satisfacer las distintas necesidades de un ser querido que padece una enfermedad crónica o se encuentra en un estado delicado. ¿Cómo pueden los cuidadores intentar equilibrar esta responsabilidad adicional con sus propias necesidades personales, su trabajo, la crianza de sus hijos y otras exigencias cotidianas?

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