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California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV): Driving With a Cognitive Impairment or Dementia

Physicians are mandated to report patients with a diagnosed condition that may impair their ability to drive to the DMV. The DMV has the authority to investigate and reexamine individual’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. The “Request for Driver Reexamination” form is available HERE.

The reexamination can result in one of the following conditions:

Type 1 Medical Probation– Requires drivers to periodically report to the DMV to demonstrate compliance with their physician treatment plans

Type 2 Medical Probation– Requires the driver’s physician to report on their condition periodically

Periodic reexamination– The driver is scheduled for a follow-up retest

Restriction– The driver is limited to when or where they can drive (e.g., during the day or between specific locations)

Suspension– The driver’s privilege are revoked indefinitely

Revocation– The driver’s privilege are terminated

License renewal occurs every 5 years. Senior driver’s (age 70+) must apply for license renewal in person.

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