19th Annual Updates on Dementia Conference

Join the Alzheimer’s Association, and partners including FCA, for the largest dementia specific ​educational conference on the West Coast.

There Must be a Better Way Than This!

Join FCA for a special one day class offering new skills and tools for family caregivers who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias.

In this class you'll learn tips and strategies for understanding and communicating with someone affected by dementia. 

You'll also have the opportunity to learn

  • how to handle difficult behaviors.
  • how dementia affects a person's ability to understand and communicate.
  • how to feel more confident in your caregiving role.


Caregiver Educational and Respite Retreat in Richmond

Take Time for YOU!

You are invited to join FCA for a free, one-day retreat designed especially for you, the family caregiver. Learn about caregiver self-care and stress management, and participate in therapeutic group activities like arts and crafts, yoga, dance, and tai chi. Network and share your experiences with fellow caregivers, and enjoy a catered brunch.

Pre-registration is required and group size is limited. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate professionals caregivers at this event.

Aging in America conference — AiA18


The annual conference of the American Society on Aging


Difficult Conversations About Difficult Decisions

A FREE Workshop on talking with a loved one about end-of-life care

When you’re caring for a loved one with a chronic illness, you and your family will eventually face some difficult decisions. Anticipating the situations that may arise can help you honor your loved one’s healthcare wishes and avoid having to make tough decisions during a crisis. Topics at this workshop include:

Take charge! (for professionals)

Learn how we can empower clients, staff, and community
to begin advance care planning.

Coping with Caregiving workshop

A workshop for those dedicated to the care of others—but who put their own health and social needs on the back burner.

One of the greatest challenges of being a family caregiver is maintaining one’s own physical and emotional health—all too often, caregivers neglect their health and well being. We cannot stop the impact of a chronic illness on a loved one. However, we, as caregivers, need to be responsible for our own self-care.

Stress Management and Movement Retreat for Family Caregivers

You are invited to join FCA for a free one-day retreat designed especially for you, the family caregiver. Learn about stress management, participate in therapeutic group activities including yoga, dance, a walk and meditation, network and share your experiences with fellow caregivers, and enjoy a catered lunch.

Wading in Emotional Quicksand

Wading in Emotional Quicksand

The Powerful Role of Anticipatory Grief and Ambiguous Loss in Dementia Care

Anticipatory grief is the emotional pain and sadness that arises in advance of an expectant loss or death. Ambiguous loss is the confusing feeling of interacting with someone who is not fully present mentally or socially, as often happens to family care partners who are closely involved with a person living with dementia.

Family Caregiver Support Group

Family Caregiver Support Group

Monthly Topic 
Building Resilience to Stress for Caregivers
Guest Speaker: Angela Wackerly, Study Coordinator, CAAP Study, UCSF


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