Texas Community Care for Aged/Disabled: Non-Medicaid Services for the Elderly

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Caregiver Eligibility: 

Eligibility for Non-Medicaid Services and Support is determined by an individual's place of residence. For example, services differ if one lives at home, in the home of their caregiver, in adult foster care or in assisted living. Eligibility requirements common to all the programs and services include:

  • Individuals must be residents of Texas. Length of residency is not considered.
  • Individual must be 18+ years old
  • Monthly income cannot exceed three times the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payment. As of 2018, for a single applicant, this amount is $2,250. For married applicants, the monthly income limit is $4,500. 
  • Assets and resources (as of 2018) for a single individual cannot exceed $5,000. For married applicants, the limit is slightly higher at $6,000. Please make note, the asset limit is different for Community Attendant Services. For this service, the assist limit for a single individual is $2,000, and for a married couple, the asset limit is $3,000. It is worth noting there are many exemptions to what is considered a countable asset (one's primary home and a single vehicle, for example). 
  • Individuals must be disabled or functionally impaired to the extent that assistance is required.
  • Individuals cannot concurrently receive assistance from Medicaid for the same services.