Thanking Our Recent Donors

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Thanking Our Generous Donors

Charitable contributions are a vital part of the community support for Family Caregiver Alliance. We are pleased to list the following donors, whose gifts were received between November 12, 2016 and December 31, 2016. We thank our donors for their generosity and community spirit.

We wish to give special thanks to the following for their generous contributions to Family Caregiver Alliance:

Tricia Dell
Sarah Dulaney
Jeff Kumataka
Jacquelyn Y. Kung
Don and Marty Lenzi
Rajiv Mehta

Christopher Park
Scott Peifer
Kathleen Raffel
Evan Scott
Celine Takatsuno
The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
   in honor of Ira Hirschfield



Gifts were made in memory of:

Yvonne Ames
   by Viviane Ames
Marilyn Baker, Mother
   by Don R. Baker
Luigia Braidotti
   by Diana M. Franco
Bill Coffey
   by Robin S. Cohelan
Bill Coffey
   by Diana Petty and John Bosshardt
Margaret Lois Donsky
   by Joanne Donsky and Stuart Oremland
Cecil Dutton
   by Kathleen and David Moriarity
   by Anonymous
Ron M. Guilliams
   by Rebecca Frisbee
   by Glenda Gabrielson

Donna Hanneman
   by Debra Black
Marge Jaeger
   by Maryellen Hurtado
Elaine Pappas
   by Laura Pappas
JB Pattison
   by Margaret V. Peterson
Lyle Peck
   by Diana Petty and John Bosshardt
Andrea Remata father
   by Ann S. Varni
My Mother, Serlina
   by Anonymous
Judy Watson
   by Paul Rasmussen


Gifts were made in honor of:

Mark and Linda Grenz and Jeffrey
   by Jan Tichenor
Kathleen Kelly
   by Virginia C. Gee
Jo McCord
   by Pam Roberts
Mother, Joan P. Modolo
   by Linda Wade

Mark Pearl
   by Eileen Pearl
William Ribner
   by Marcia Ribner
Jan and Bruce Tichenor
   by Mark and Linda Grenz
Tina and Glade
   by Terri Sonoda



And we thank these generous donors:

Julie Alvarado
Blas P. Avenis
Dorothy Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brown
Rory Brown
Judith Bryer
Ada Burko
Peter Carlson
Lynne Ching
Eileen Chung
Jean Coleman
Zena M. Corcoran
Mary A. Courtney
Janet Cowperthwaite
Charles E. Dewey
Stan Duncan
Patricia Dunson
John Elia and Gina Bloom
Winifred Emery
Joseph Eng
Leah R. Eskenazi
Judy Goldberg
Charles Habib
Kenneth Hayashi
Maria Herrera
Elaine Hilp
Lorraine Honig
Shirley Hunter
Carol and David Inocencio
David Ishida
David Ivanetich
Karen Ivy and James Ringland
Josephine Jarvis
Naomi Katz
Colette Kelly
Patricia E. Klahn
William Kroll
Gerald Lamm
Annette Laverty
BC Lee
Cindy Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Lee
Patricia Lusse
Ruth MacNaughton

Liz Mamorsky and Mel Knox
Charles Martel
Taylor McCandless
Judith McCord
Brenda McGaffie
Barbara McGettigan
Sheldon McNamee
Henriette Mendo
Phyllis Menefee
Elizabeth Messmer
Karen Mokrzycki
Mary L. Murphy
Martin and Diane Murray
Vladimir Nemirovsky
Louise Noble
Sheryl Osterli
Bernice Pasero
Joan Pearson
Raya H. Pearson
Barbara Riley
Maria Rocha
Quintin N. Rodriguez
Freitas Sabah
Ruth G. Sabb
Lolita Sarmiento
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schurkus
Dina Sherstinsky
Dev Singh
Nola Slattery
D. Clifford Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Stevens
Aaron Strauch
Ligaya P. Talao
Diane Tannenwald
Pandora Thomas
Maria Tindall
Heather Tompkins
Pamela Trail
Mary-Ann Wallace
Gina Walters
Debra J. Webb
Sue O. Wong
Susan Yamamoto

We also wish to acknowledge these current public and private supporters:

Amazon Smile Foundation
Anonymous donor
Anonymous donor
Archstone Foundation
California Department of Health Care Services
Counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Marin and Alameda
Easter Seals (Veteran's Administration)
Pennbrook Insurance Services, Inc.
Rossmoor Rotary Foundation
Local Independent Charities of America

Mount Zion Health Fund
Richard Essey Family Fund
Sequoia Hospital (Part of Dignity Health)
Sutter Health Mills-Peninsula Health Services
The Clorox Company
The Foster Family Foundation
The Health Trust
The Lewin Group
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
United Way
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

And we thank the following for providing matching donor funds:

The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Does your employer match charitable donations? Many do, and it's an easy way to increase your charitable giving! Contact us by email to enquire how.