Thanking Our Recent Donors

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Thanking Our Generous Donors

Charitable contributions are a vital part of the community support for Family Caregiver Alliance. We are pleased to list the following donors, whose gifts were received between February 5, 2019 and March 8, 2020, many in response to our Fall 2019 Appeal. We thank our donors for their generosity and community spirit.

We wish to give special thanks to the following for their generous contributions to Family Caregiver Alliance:

Joan C. Benjamin
Athan Bezaitis
Amanda Breeden Warner
Chevron Corporation    
Sarah Dulaney
Richard  Essey
Irene V. Hilton
Evangelyn Kanabus  
Linda Kosut
Shruti Kothari
Dan Lieberman
Catherine LeLong
Rajiv Mehta

Karen Mokrzycki
   in honor of All Caregivers Everywhere
Janet Lum Moore
   in memory of Gon Wah Lum
Scott  Peifer
   in memory of Lori Peifer
Kay M. Pellicciarini
Kathleen Raffel
Rossmoor Rotary Foundation
Evan Scott
   in honor of Kathy Kelly
Randi Swindel
M. Celine Takatsuno
The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund    
George D. Turner
Margaret Wallhagen



Gifts were made in memory of:

Yvonne Ames
   by Viviane Ames
Ida Mae Anderson
   by Beverly Boone
        Victoria Hansbrough
        Betty Valladares
        Cheryl Anderson
Marilyn Baker
   by Don R. Baker
   by Christina VanCleve
Roscoe Davenport and Earl Cox
   by Ross J. Davenport
Mary Dewey
   by Charles E. Dewey
Margaret Lois Donsky
   by Joanne Donsky
Lois Escobar
   by Debra J. Webb
Jerry Estow
   by Sandra Estow
 Mrs. Ethel Fishman
   by Bonnie and Peter Lawrence
Wlater "Coach Babe" Gantz
   by Marla Kovatch
Laura Greene
   by Robert Greene
Frank Clemson Greene
   by Joyce Sakai
Dr. Gregory Hahn
   by Wendy Cole
Francis X. Kelly
   by Colette Kelly
Jan Knight
   by Jeff and Carla Brown
        Michael Crowe
        Daniel Fulks and Lisa McNees
        Forest Garden Homeowners Association, Inc.
        Elaine Ecton Thompson

Margaret Lawrence
   by Bonnie and Peter Lawrence
June McNamee
   by Sheldon McNamee
Lia Nemirovsky
   by Vladimir Nemirovsky
JB Pattison
   by Margaret V. Peterson
Fannie Peters
   by Balita A. Shepperson
Henry M. Regalia
   by Linda Regalia
Coman Eugene Reinhardt
   by Jean Reinhardt
        Association of Legal Administrators   
My Mother, Serlina.
   by Linda M. Yee
Jim Swindel
   by William Giardini
        Mark and Ellyn Goldstein
        Michael Lowther
         Colleen Pisaneschi
Kathryn L. Tom
   by Wesley W. Tom and Family
Art Tressler
   by Bonnie MacKenzie
Judy Watson
   by Paul Rasmussen
Edith Webber
   by Alice Webber
Clarence Wehner
   by Karey Wehner
Annie Williams
   by Patricia Dunson



Gifts were made in honor of:

All Paid & Family Caregivers
   by Linda Fodrini-Johnson
Kenneth Ast
   by Benita Manriquez
Betty Engle
   by Robert England
Leah Eskenazi
   by Lucinda Jackson
Pea and Selu Fisiihoi
   by Allen Rubin
Nikki Huff
   by Andrew Pass
Karen E Ivy
   by Karen Ivy
Mark Jansen
   by Lois Carroll Feller
Christine Klasen & Denny Schmidt
   by Heather Tunis

Stephen Lyon and his wife Linda Kosut Lyon
   by Robert M. Levy
Jo McCord
   by Karen Reinhardt
        Pamela Roberts
Ann Dyer Sullivan
   by Helene Martel
Jan Tichenor
   by Mark and Linda Grenz
Amanda Breeden and Andy Warner’s wedding
   by Gladys Breeden
        Sharman Keller-Green
        Robert Warner
Carroll Webber
   by Alice Webber




And we thank these generous donors:

Wendy Abbott
David Alexander
Jane Allardt
Phyllis Annett
Florence Anyiam
Lucy Au
Anne Baele
Lindsey Beaven
Agnes Belluomini
Bill Bergstrom
Bruce Bernard
Steven Bondi
Ms. Joceline Boucher
John Brauer and Beck K. Gebhart
Seymour Bross, M.D.
Judith Bryer
Ada Burko
Lenetta Burney
John Byrne
William Cambra
Eric Carr
Susan Chew
Kristopher Coffey
Jean Coleman
Zena M. Corcoran
Mary Anne Courtney and Beverly Scott
Katherine Currin
Ms. Peggy da Silva
Lisa Diplacido and Josephine Vaiasicca
Jeffrey Dobrinsky
Jo Donaldson
Robert Elfont
John Elia and Gina Bloom
Amanda Elliot
Fred and Patricia Evans
Pamela Fabry
Marlene Feuerstraeter
Laura Figueiredo
C.Y. Ford
Myrna Foster
Warren Foster
Joyce Friedman
Flora Fung and Marina Fung
Howard and Cindi Goldberg
Queen Graham
Charles Habib
Maria Herrera
Steven Higaki
Elaine Hilp
Shirley Hunter
Leigh A. Hurst
Saroja Ilangovan
Carol and David Inocencio

David Ishida
Josephine Jarvis
Karen Kieffer
Patricia E. Klahn
Kathy Klein
Liz Mamorsky
Henry Kumagai
Kathryn Kurotori
Gerald Lamm
Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Lee
Carol Lei
Yanna Li
Deborah Linzer
Doris Lopez
Patricia Lusse
Gretchen Macek and Amy
Ruth MacNaughton
Cecile Marie
Betty Matthews
Barbara and Neal McGettigan
Karen McGovern
Elizabeth Messmer
Mr. Martin Murray and Ms. Diane Murray
Louise Noble
Nancy Ozsogomonyan
Bill Pelter
Francesca Pera
Allen Perris and Joan Perris
Laura Quach
Maricela Ramirez
Mary Reis
Marilyn G. Reiss
Marcia Ribner
Shirley Schwoerer
Ben Scribner
Denise Selleck
Fred Setterberg
Rebecca Shambaugh
Dina Sherstinsky
Jordan  Shields
Sherdella Sims
Carl Slattery and Nola Serezlis-Slattery
Mr. D. Clifford Smith
Robert Solotar
Diana Sosa and Coleen Mackin
Mr. and Mrs. Duane L. Stevens
Paul Suzuki
Maria Tindall
Tony Tran
Chanh Trieu
Jo Ann Uttal-Gold
Carol Van Steenberg
Kevin Wallace
Mary-Ann Wallace
Richard Washington
Art and Patricia Wilen
Mary Ann Wittenberg
Sue Oy Wong
Susan Yamamoto
Munir Yasin

We also wish to acknowledge these current public and private supporters:

Alzheimer's Association
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Archstone Foundation
Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
California Department of Health Care Services
Chevron Corporation
Counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Marin and Alameda
Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital
Helen Daniels Bader Fund, a Bader Philanthropy
Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Policy

May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust
Pennbrook Insurance Services, Inc.
Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund
Richard Essey Family Fund
RRF Foundation for Aging (as a subcontract with the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging)
San Francisco Dignity Fund
Stupski Foundation
Sutter Health Mills-Peninsula Health Services
The John A. Hartford Foundation (as a subcontract with the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging)
Thomas J. Long Foundation
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation


And we thank the following for providing matching donor funds or providing employee giving options:

Aetna Foundation
AmazonSmile Foundation
AT&T Employee Giving Program
IBM Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign
Local Independent Charities of America
Sigma Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Does your employer match charitable donations? Many do, and it's an easy way to increase your charitable giving! Contact us by email to enquire how.