Thanking Our Recent Donors

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Thanking Our Generous Donors

Charitable contributions are a vital part of the community support for Family Caregiver Alliance. We are pleased to list the following donors whose gifts were received August 18, 2015 through December 31, 2015. We thank our donors for their generosity and community spirit.

We wish to give special thanks to the following for their generous contributions to Family Caregiver Alliance:

Viviane Ames
  in memory of Sue Harris
Joan C. Benjamin
Karen Chow
Marna Clark
Clayscott Insurance Agency, Inc.
  on behalf of Tender Rose Home Care, LLC
Kristopher Coffey
Richard Essey
David L. Gemmer
Gordon And Betty Moore Foundation
Ruth A. Hafter
Dolores Hansen
David Ishida
Maureen Kelly
Jeff Kumataka
Jacquelyn Y. Kung
Kathryn Lee
Marty Lenzi
  in memory of Addie MacCurdy

Dan Lieberman
Rajiv Mehta
Jeffrey Moeller
Janet L. Moore
  in memory of Gon Wah Lum
Kathy Murphy
Scott Peifer
Kay M. Pellicciarini
Kathleen Raffel
Marcia Ribner
May & Ben Shane Fund
Jordan Shields
Judith Teichman
Carol Van Steenberg
  in memory of Suzanne Harris
Margaret Wallhagen
Karen K. Wolter
  in honor of Deborah Wolter, Board member
Sue O. Wong


Gifts were made for:

Mark and Linda Grenz
  by Jan Tichenor
Gary and Toni Hodges
  by Jan Tichenor

Carol and Bill Paullson
  by Jan Tichenor
Laura Pullen
  by Edward Pullen

Gifts were made in memory of:

Luigia Braidotti
  by Diana M. Franco
Margaret Donsky
  by Joanne Donsky
Ethel Fishman
  by Bonnie Lawrence
Candida Franco
  by Diana M. Franco
Luigi Franco
  by Diana M. Franco

Margaret Lawrence
  by Bonnie Lawrence
William G. MacNaughton
  by Ruth MacNaughton
John Pattison
  by Margaret V. Peterson
My Mother, Serlina
  by Anonymous

Gifts were made in honor of:

Lois Escobar
  by Vickie H. Joe
Bruce Paley
  by Leni Windle
Ms. Yvonne Presley and in loving memory of Mr. Arthur Presley
  by Ellen O'Brien
Kendra and Laura Pullen
  by Laurie Raz-Astrakhan

Yolanda Sprecher
  by Susan Sprecher
Debbie Wolter
  by David G. Wolter
Kathy Kelly
  by Lynn F. Feinberg



And we thank these generous donors:

Jane Allardt
Julie Alvarado
Elsa Anderson
Don R. Baker
Maria Barrales
Sharona Barzilay
Agnes Belluomini
Jeffrey Bensman
Surinder Birak
Debra Black
Wanda Borges
Joceline Boucher
S. K. Bradford
Nancy J. Branden
Seymour Bross
Judith Bryer
Jewell Buchanan
Carolyn Bunje
Charles Burda
Peter Carlson
Beverly Chan
Vivien Lou Chen
Edward Childe
Lynne Ching
Jean Coleman
Zena M. Corcoran
Mary A. Courtney
Katherine Currin
Charles E. Dewey
Sylvena H. Dorner
Patricia Dunson
John Elia
Sandra Estow
Pamela H. Fabry
Lois C. Feller
Laura Figueiredo
Stanley S. Fong
Carolyn Franklin
Flora Fung
Peter Gascoyne
Peggy Gill
Howard Goldberg
Stacy Goldsby
Cathy Griffin
Charles Habib
Steve L. Haley
Robin Hayr
Maria Herrera
Dave Herring
Elaine Hilp
Fair Ho-Fung
Victoria L. Holde
Lorraine Honig
Shirley Hunter
Leigh A. Hurst
David Ivanetich
Karen Ivy
Herminia T. Kamplin
Mary J. Kelley
Colette Kelly
Rewanna Kimbrough
Patricia E. Klahn
William Kroll
Noel Langlois

Mary P. Lavin
Janet Lawrence
Lansing Lee
Carol Lei
John Leung
Connie M. Liden
Irene Lucido
Patricia Lusse
Liz Mamorsky
Jason Mass
Barbara McGettigan
Catherine McMahon
Sheldon McNamee
Phyllis Menefee
Woodrow Mertens
Elizabeth Messmer
Enid Meyer
Marsha Mohtes-Chan
Kathleen D. Moriarity
Maureen Morris
Maria Mosqueda
James D. Neeley
Stephanie Neira
Louise Noble
Sheryl Osterli
Nancy Ozsogomonyan
James Palmtag
Jane R. Parks-McKay
Kristin Pendleton
Paul Rasmussen
Linda Regalia
Karen Reinhardt
Marilyn G. Reiss
Barbara Riley
Tamara Ross
Allen Rubin
Alex Senickiv
Fred Setterberg
Balita A. Shepperson
Dev Singh
Carl Slattery
D. Clifford Smith
Robert Solotar
Terri Sonoda
Darlene Soto
Mary Steel
Luz E. Stiles
Martha M. Stookey
Bruce A. Thompson
Paul L. Thrash
Stephanie B. Tick
Maria Tindall
Hillary Turner
Sharon Udkoff
Gina Walters
Karey Wehner
Billee Werby
Gail Wesling
Clay Wiens
Marilyn Wilson
Susie Wong
Roland P. Wong
Gwendolyn Wynn
Susan Yamamoto

We also wish to acknowledge these current public and private supporters:

Amazon Smile Foundation
Anonomous donor
Anonomous donor
Archstone Foundation
California Department of Health Care Services
Counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Marin and Alameda
Easter Seals (Veteran's Administration)
Foster Family Foundation


Local Independent Charities of America
Mount Zion Health Fund
Richard Essey Family Fund
Sequoia Hospital (Part of Dignity Health)
Sutter Health Mills-Peninsula Health Services
The Clorox Company
The Health Trust
The Lewin Group
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
United Way


And we thank the following for providing matching donor funds:

The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Does your employer match charitable donations? Many do, and it's an easy way to increase your charitable giving! Contact us by email to enquire how.


Thursday, April 16, 2015