Thanking Our Recent Donors

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Thanking Our Generous Donors

Charitable contributions are a vital part of the community support for Family Caregiver Alliance. We are pleased to list the following donors, whose gifts were received between October 1, 2017 and December 13, 2017. We thank our donors for their generosity and community spirit.

We wish to give special thanks to the following for their generous contributions to Family Caregiver Alliance:

Kristopher Coffey
Sarah Dulaney
Don and Marty Lenzi


Karen Mokrzycki
   in honor of Irene, Stella and all the Moms
   and Dads who suffered with (dementia),
   and their children
Kathy Murphy
Tony Tran



Gifts were made in memory of:

Luigia Braidotti
   by Diana M. Franco
Altheria Norrington
   by Felisha Norrington
Elaine Pappas
   by Laura Pappas
Joan Perris
   by Allen Perris
My Mother, Serlina
   by Anonymous
Kathryn L. Tom
   by Wesley W. Tom and Family

Thomas Speer Walther
   by Anthony Moy
Dori Wark
   by Mary Behan
       Stephen Cacchiotti
       Mark Matera
       Bogie Ozimek
       Ron Rathburn
       Fae Rosenthal
       Saint Philomena School Sunshine Fund


Gifts were made in honor of:

The Bains
   by Abby Hadley
Virginia M. Habib
   by Charles Habib
Gladys Alice MacKenzie
   by Bonnie MacKenzie

My mother
   by Taneesha Harris-Sanders
Lynne Raisman
   by Mindy Klatzkin
The staff at FCA
   by Mary L. Murphy



And we thank these generous donors:

Marianne Apple
Don Baker
Estela Becerra
Ana Bertero
Wanda Borges
Eric Boucher
Seymour Bross
Beverly Chan
Zena Corcoran
Mary Anne Courtney
Greg Haley
Elaine A. Hilp Philanthropic Fund
Carol Inocencio

Karen Ivy and James Ringland
Patricia Klahn
Kathy Klein
Dorothy Lathan
Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Lee
Patricia Lusse
Liz Mamorsky
Roger Nutter
Paul Rasmussen
Balita A. Shepperson
Clay Wiens
Susie Wong

We also wish to acknowledge these current public and private supporters:

Amazon Smile Foundation
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Archstone Foundation
Arthur N. Rupe Foundation
California Department of Health Care Services
Counties of San Francisco, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Marin and Alameda
Easter Seals (Veteran's Administration)
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Pennbrook Insurance Services, Inc.
Local Independent Charities of America

Mount Zion Health Fund
Richard Essey Family Fund
Sequoia Hospital (Part of Dignity Health)
Sutter Health Mills-Peninsula Health Services
The Clorox Company
The Foster Family Foundation
The Health Trust
The Lewin Group
Thomas J. Long Foundation
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
United Way
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

And we thank the following for providing matching donor funds:

Aetna Foundation
The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

Does your employer match charitable donations? Many do, and it's an easy way to increase your charitable giving! Contact us by email to enquire how.