Victorious Vickie

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Angela Kramer, California

On May 11, 2013 (Mother's Day), my mom suffered a double brain aneurysm in Vallejo, California. She was out with a friend when she had a massive headache and told her friend to take her to the ER right away. On the way to the ER she had seizures. She was medevaced to Eden Medical Hospital in Hayward where she stayed in the ICU for six weeks, then Acute Rehab at Queen of the Valley in Napa for four weeks, then Kindred Concord for three months, and then in October 2013 she moved in with me and my husband in San Francisco. She has lived with us for 2.9 years and loves San Francisco. She is in a wheelchair and non-verbal but fully cognitive. She is working hard in PT, OT, and ST each week to recover and become more independent again.

We are so thankful she survived and we have more time with her.

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