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Caregiver/Storyteller Podcast 


CaringKind, the Heart of Alzheimer’s Caregiving – New York, NY

New York, NY 



Launched in March of 2018, Caregiver/Storyteller is a unique storytelling podcast that provides a platform for Alzheimer’s and dementia caregivers to share personal stories and experiences. The Alzheimer’s and dementia caregiving focused podcast goals are to provide support to caregivers, empower caregivers, and reduce the stigma associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia diagnoses. The monthly free podcasts are available on all major podcast streaming services and CaringKind’s website, estimated to reach more than 300 caregivers and people living with dementia of all ages annually. Since launching, listeners have spent more than 4,655 hours listening to the podcasts, which are well produced, first-person narratives that share a wealth of tips, wisdom, and experience.
“Caregiver/Storyteller believes that all caregivers have a story to tell, and every story is not just personal, but unique.” Often listeners feel isolated and disconnected as they navigate their caregiving journey. The podcast fosters a space for caregivers to share authentic stories that resonate with other caregivers who may find themselves in a similar situation. This structured narrative podcast has also served as a vehicle for caregivers to become involved with the organization, serving as advocates for CaringKind and caregivers.
Caregiver/Storyteller is a program of CaringKind, a robust Alzheimer’s caregiving service and advocacy organization (i.e., Helpline, support groups, a team of social workers, a training program for family and professional caregivers, etc.) established 40+ years ago and rebranded in 2016, they, “work with community partners to develop the information, tools and training to support individuals and families affected by dementia.”