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The Genius of Marian



San Francisco, CA


Receiving the Award:
Banker White and Anna Fitch, Co-Directors

WeOwnTV is a nonprofit organization that produces educational documentary films that explore critical issues of our time by creating robust social campaigns and educational outreach activities around its productions. The organization produced The Genius of Marian, a visually rich and emotionally complex, feature-length, documentary film, that explores the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s disease, the power of art and the meaning of family. The documentary follows Pam White and her family for three years following her Alzheimer’s diagnosis as her son, the filmmaker, documents the changes that occur in all of their lives. The Genius of Marianhas been particularly resonant for family caregivers, caregiving professionals and those directly affected by Alzheimer’s disease and age-related disabilities because it prominently features family caregiving in action. The objective of the film is to inspire new thinking about how we define health and wellness and to change the way we cope, as individuals and as a society, with Alzheimer’s disease, aging and loss.