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Day 6: Caregiving from Afar

November 6, 2011

By Sean Coffey

Day 5: Wait Lists in Medicaid

November 5, 2011

By Sean Coffey, Policy Specialist, Family Caregiver Alliance
While researching services for a caregiver in Florida, I stumbled upon Arc Florida’s webpage, and a section entitled “Wanting to Move to Florida?” that cautions people:

Day 3: Sex and Dementia

November 3, 2011

By Sean Coffey, Policy Specialist, Family Caregiver Alliance

Despite the fact that “sex sells,” most Americans still hesitate to speak about sex openly. Sex and older people is an even more taboo topic- a guide from Alzheimer Scotland notes: “The media tends to portray sex as being the prerogative of the young and beautiful and the notion of older people still having an active sex life as being unusual or a bit of a joke.”

Day 2: Is there anything good about caregiving?

November 2, 2011 By Sean Coffey, Policy Specialist, Family Caregiver Alliance As advocates and people that work with family caregivers and their loved ones, we are often focused on the negative aspects of caregiving.  There are logical reasons for this, for example, the family caregivers we work with often contact us when they reach a breaking point, so we tend to hear about the many stresses involved with being a caregiver.  Or, we focus on the challenges of caregiving because we want our elected officials to be aware of how difficult this role can be and we want them to address these issu

30 Days of Caregiving

November 1, 2011

By Kathy Kelly, Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

Family Caregivers: A Priority for Politicians?

Editor's note: This posting first appeared on the Health Affairs blog on October 3rd 2011. A posting on the Health Affairs blog earlier this year by Carol Levine asked the pointed question “Year of Caregiver- In what country?” In it, she compared the “Year of the Family Caregiver” in the U.S.

If CLASS is Shelved, is it back to the Status Quo?

The planning and development process for CLASS, the Community Living Assistance and Support Program, may be either shelved or put on “pause” according to several media reports. Forbes reports that the chief actuary behind the planning of CLASS, Bob Yee, emailed his co-workers to say he was leaving because the entire CLASS staff is being re-assigned to other departments.

Are Family Caregivers Worth Less?

Editor's Note: According to the Star Tribune, (thank you PHI National for posting this) a county judge has ruled that the 20% cuts for family caregivers can be enacted.

Caregiver Duties: Add Medical Bill Negotiating

The August issue of Health Affairs includes a study that finds that U.S. doctors spend over $82,000 a year per physician on interacting with health plans/insurance companies about claims, coverage, and billing issues. Their staff members spend 20.6 hours per week interacting with insurers.