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11/8: Care Ecosystem Provides Personalized Help for Caregivers and Patients

Most patients with dementia receive care and support from spouses, children, or other caregivers, but caregiving for a patient with memory or behavior problems is incredibly challenging. Some caregivers feel reluctant to ask for help, some do not know what they need or where to look, and sometimes there is just not much help available.

11/7: FCA Caregiver College Video Series: Self-Care

As greater numbers of adult children become involved in care for their aging parents—as many as 80% of adults over the age of 50 have cared or are now caring for a parent, by some estimates—many of whom are still active in the workforce, learning about their new roles as caregivers amidst their other responsibilities can be a daunting task.

11/6: LGBT Caregiving: Advancing Rights for Care as We Age

Over the past two decades, as the population of seniors - usually defined as adults over 65 - has grown, national, state and local government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the media have focused increasing attention on the needs of seniors and those who provide them with support, assistance or care. A 2014 Census Bureau Report titled “65+ in the United States: 2010” offers some perspective on the growth of the senior population in the country. In 1900 people over 65 made up just 4.1% of the population in the country; in 2010, 13% were over 65.

11/5: FCA—A Lasting Legacy for Caregiving Families

As part of FCA’s 30 Days of Caregiving blog during National Family Caregivers Month, former FCA staff members were asked to be guest bloggers as part of a unique “Throwback Thursday” series. They were asked to address how FCA has influenced their work in their current positions, what they learned at FCA that they have carried forward, and if they were King or Queen for a day, what they would make happen for family caregivers.

11/4: Family Caregiver Alliance’s ‘I am a Caregiver for my ______’ Social Media Initiative

In honor of November 2015 being recognized as National Family Caregivers Month, Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) is excited to announce the launch of its “I am a Caregiver for my ______” social media initiative, which is tailored to both acknowledge and support family caregivers that selflessly labor in our communities by annually providing approximately $470 billion of unpaid care.

11/3: Not Your Grandmother’s Caregiving

In the past five years there has been more attention to the issues of unpaid family caregiving like we have never seen before. An explosion of media attention from movies to memoirs has put a face on caregiving as seen through the recounting of personal experience. What are the trends that have converged to make this period a particularly dynamic one for this topic?

11/2: I am still here

FCA’s 30 Days of Caregiving blog features stories of caregiving as submitted by families across the country. Family caregivers are invited to send a story and a picture, and share their experiences with others through FCA’s website.

FCA thanks all the caregiving families that have shared their stories of love, loss, bravery, triumphs, community, humor, and sadness. These stories and tips for coping truly help others.

I am still here


11/1: What is Family Caregiving?

When I see my aging parents, I now know that I will be their family caregiver. Ten years ago, this phrase “family caregiver” would have been alien to me. I would have merely described that I am the only child so it’s only natural for me to want to make sure my parents are safe and happy in their golden years. 

Little did I know that a whole world exists in the phrase family caregiving. In fact, unbeknownst to them, one in six Americans are considered a family caregiver by policymakers and providers. It is a world that is difficult and lonely.

FCA Co-Founder, Suzanne Harris, Remembered

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our esteemed Co-Founder, Suzanne “Sue” Harris on February 21, 2015. Sue was a tireless advocate for family caregivers whether with policy makers, donors or researchers. She kept us honest to the mission and was a great friend. Sue will be remembered fondly and missed tremendously. Our condolences go out to her children Pete, Evan and Andy and their families.