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Caregiving Up Close: Dette

The second in a series of three caregiver portraits
in honor of FCA’s 40th Anniversary

“I have been a care provider for over 24 years and when I look back at all I have accomplished when it came to giving hope to those who were sick/critically ill, those who’d felt helpless, my soul is full with gratitude!”

Caregiving Up Close: Selene

The first in a series of three caregiver portraits in honor of FCA’s 40th Anniversary

“A wise friend once told me, ‘your mom gave you the gift of life ... now this is your gift to her,’ and that always stayed with me.”

Sometimes, becoming a caregiver is a gradual process. Families or friends slowly take on more and more responsibility for a loved one and spend increasing amounts of time and energy providing care.

1977–2017: Caregiving Then and Now

“During the course of my husband’s illness, I found that I needed an awful lot of help. It was all so sudden, the problems so devastating, the legal affairs so overwhelming, that I needed help from every direction.”

—Suzanne Harris, FCA Co-Founder


When Sue Harris spoke those words more than four decades ago, she had been abruptly thrust into a caregiving role she never anticipated. And at that time, there was simply nowhere for her and her family to turn for help.

We Know You’re Tired, but It’s No Time to Take a Vacation

An upcoming vote in the Senate — possibly this week — on the Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act proposal will mean changes to the health and financial well-being of older adults and family caregivers. And not in a good way.

Some key points to consider for your own health and financial well-being as a caregiver and for those relatives or friends for whom you provide assistance:

New Caregiver Stories!

The Caregiver Stories section has been a steady feature on our website. In honor of National Family Caregivers Month and our 40th Anniversary celebration we have many new stories to share with you!

A Legacy of Survival: Part 3 of 3

Legal and funding breakthroughs

There’s an old saying that goes, “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation.”  Known for its innovation in policy, the Golden State was a pioneer in the field of healthy aging.

A Legacy of Survival: Part 2 of 3

“For the family it becomes a matter of survival.”   — Sue Harris


A Legacy of Survival: Part 1 of 3

1970s: Combativeness at home and little help to be found

“Mrs. Bashkiroff, you must realize that society isn’t ready for problems such as yours.”

The psychiatrist’s words enraged Anne Bashkiroff. He was only one of the hundreds of people and agencies she had contacted during the nine years she struggled to care for her husband, Alexander, who was diagnosed with pre-senile dementia in 1969.

Statement on Defeat of the Graham-Cassidy Bill to Repeal the ACA

The latest effort to repeal the ACA was defeated just as the CBO released its analysis that millions of persons would lose coverage among other deleterious consequences of the Graham-Cassidy bill. Aside from repealing basic healthcare protections, this effort would have had an enormous impact on caregiving families as it severely limited Medicaid services through block grants, and thus would have curtailed community-based services and supports.

Statement on Senate Action on Repeal of Affordable Care Act

Last night, the current version of the Republican-led repeal and replace of the ACA—the Healthcare Freedom Act—failed by a dramatic vote cast by Senator John McCain joining with the stalwart opposition of Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. These three Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to halt efforts to disrupt the current healthcare policies of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that have extended healthcare and community-based long-term care to millions more Americans.