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Food for Thought: Nutrition for People Living With Dementia

Two years ago, Anna’s 84-year old mother was diagnosed with an Alzheimer's-type dementia. As the disease progressed, Anna was increasingly finding spoiled food in her mother's refrigerator. Now, though she claims she is eating just fine, Anna's mother cannot seem to recall what she's most recently eaten. Anna is concerned that her mother's nutrition is suffering. Knowing that adequate fluid intake and a balanced diet are essential to helping her mother stay as healthy as possible, Anna decides to research nutritional tips for people living with dementia.

“Parenting” Your Elderly Parents

Mary, a 54-year old mother of two college-age children, has begun helping her mother Betsy with daily tasks and doctor’s appointments. She visits each morning to ensure that her mother has showered, gotten a good breakfast, and taken her morning medications. Since her mother’s recent diagnosis with beginning stages of dementia, Mary has noticed that Betsy is requiring more care every day. This is causing Mary to experience feelings of anger, sadness, and stress as she takes on the caregiving role that has traditionally been held by her own mother.

Connected Caregivers

By Andrea Orvik, E-Communications Specialist, Family Caregiver Alliance