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Seniors & Sexuality for Caregivers

Family Caregiver Alliance Maria and Charlie have been married for 60 years and remain very much in love. They are no longer able to drive on their own and require the help of their adult daughter to take care of the house when Charlie’s arthritis flares up. Maria and Charlie, near 85-years of age, still enjoy spending time with one another and have found that intimacy helps maintain their bond.

Caregiver Wisdom: Answering . . . and Answering Again the Endlessly Repetitive Questions

(Letter to the husband caregiver of a wife with Alzheimer’s Disease) 

Caregiver Isolation and Loneliness

The Impact on Caregiver Health and Strategies for Staying Well


Navigating Travel with a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer's Disease

With the holidays just a few months away, Patty is beginning to contemplate her family’s plans. Her sister in Oklahoma City has extended an invitation to join in her annual celebration; however, Patty is hesitant to accept the invite. As the primary caregiver for their father, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease last year, she worries that the change in routine and 6-hour road trip may be too much for Dad to handle.

Balancing Career and Caregiving

Alternatives to quitting work for Family Caregivers