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Graduate Student Research Projects

In order to help further the field of caregiver research and advocacy, we also provide a page for graduate students to post research questions or links to surveys for research projects on caregiving. These postings are free of charge but run for the same length of time and are also limited to a 100-word description.

Current Listings:

Professional Caregiver to Spousal Caregiver

Posted: 11/4/2013 - My name is Nancy and I am a grad student studying gerontology in addition to caring for a husband who has Frontal-Temporal Lobe Dementia. I am writing my thesis entitled "When the Professional Caregiver Becomes a Spousal Caregiver." I am looking for ten people willing to take part in a study of professional caregivers who have now found themselves in the role of a spousal caregiver. If you are interested in participating in my study please email me at [email protected].

Social Support and Quality of Life for the Multiple Sclerosis Spousal Caregiver

Posted: 7/29/2013 - I am a doctoral student in counseling psychology at SUNY, Buffalo. I am studying the impact of social support on the quality of life of spousal caregivers of patients with Multiple Sclerosis.

If you are a caregiver who has a spouse with Multiple Sclerosis, you are invited to participate in this research study in understanding the factors that contribute to the quality of life of caregivers who have a family member with Multiple Sclerosis. This study has been approved by the IRB, and takes 40 minutes to complete.

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Thank you,
Camille Simonetti,
Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology SUNY Buffalo



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