Hospital to home: Assessing the Transitional Care Needs...

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From hospital to home: Assessing the transitional care needs of vulnerable seniors

Citation Graham, C.L., Ivey, S.L., & Neuhauser, L. (2009). From hospital to home: Assessing the transitional care needs of vulnerable seniors. The Gerontologist, 49(1), 23-33

Design Qualitative study: Needs assessment

Purpose The purpose of this study was to assess the needs of patients and caregivers during the transition from hospital to home. It specifically targeted ethnic minorities, recent immigrants, and seniors with limited English proficiency.

Procedure This needs assessment included extensive analysis of qualitative data collected from 20 language, culture, and ethnic-specific focus groups with caregivers who recently assisted a senior after a hospital discharge. Findings from these focus groups were supplemented by 5 in-depth, longitudinal case studies of recently hospitalized seniors and their caregivers.

Outcomes Inadequate information and training at discharge were themes that spanned all groups, despite ethnicity or language. Additional unmet needs were identified for ethnic minorities, and recent immigrants, including lower levels of social support than might be expected, lack of linguistically appropriate information and services, and cultural and financial barriers to using long-term care services.

Author Graham, C.L., Ivey, S.L., & Neuhauser, L

Friday, January 17, 2014

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