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Patrocenia Matthew, Florida

After a skin infection surgery, I noticed my husband’s memory loss progressed resulting in the loss of his car (actually mine, given to me as a gift), racking up credit card debts, losing his wallet with all the important information, etc., among others.

I am a retired teacher, and was working a second job as an employment counselor in a federally funded program, when I decided recently to stop working so I can take care of him.

The journey is difficult and I am trying to learn new things every day ... stuff like how to deal with mood swings, aggression, fanatic decisions, just to name a few concerning Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes.


Editor’s note: After notifying Patrocenia that her story was posted, she replied with the following:

Thank you for giving me the chance to share to the rest of the community my caregiving story. I wake up everyday with a grateful sigh that I am alive and that my husband also is still with me. But always with a dreadful thought, what next?