National Caregivers Month - 'Resource Reminder'

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Family Caregiver Alliance Caring for a parent, spouse, adult child, partner or friend with a chronic health problem is an every-day affair.  Sometimes boring, sometimes unreasonable, sometimes over-the-top demanding, sometimes rewarding . . . and always on your mind. Knowledge about a health condition, guidance to providing the best care, and special tips for support and self-care, can pave the way for a smoother road ahead. We know how hard you work, and want to acknowledge your role as caregiver to someone important to you. As a special thank you for all you do—and to remind you of the various ways that FCA can be there for you—we're posting this special 'resource reminder' blog entry as our way of wishing you a wonderful National Caregivers Month. Recently Updated FCA Caregiver Fact Sheets:

  FCA Caregiver Fact Sheets Getting Updated Soon: (follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates, or check the What's New section on our home page)

  • Taking Care of You:  Self-Care for Family Caregivers (English, Spanish)
  • Advanced Illness Series: CPR, DNR & POLST
  • Downsizing
  • Feeding Tubes & Ventilators
  • Holding on & Letting Go
  • Legal Planning for Incapacity
  • Personal Care Agreements
  • Relocating Your Elderly Parents
  • Work & Caregiving

To see our full selection of fact sheets and other resources visit us online at Remember that Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) is there for you every step of the way.


I am pleased to see that Nov is caregiver month. My wife does not work and takes care of my moms medicine and her insulin shot daily. I watch moms finances and help out on my days off. It is so true that it is on my mind all the time. I do something for a distraction and I get pulled back in reality and responibility of caregiving that the joy of the distraction is almost nill.

Jenny - Thank you for contacting FCA. We'll place you on our mailing list for caregiving newsletters and fca news. -aorvik

I would like to received any news that published by the Family Caregiver Alliance. Thanks and regards, Jenny

Susan - To discuss resources particular to your area, we welcome a call to our 800 #: 800-445-8106, or you can visit our website at and click on our Family Care Navigator and select your state to find organizations with region-specific data/assistance.

What states offer monthly income for family member care givers (for SSDI mental health adult children)?

Here at Constant Companions we sincerely hope caregivers enjoyed a rewarding National Caregivers’ Month. For more resources about elderly health and care giving visit our website or our blog We are a San Diego home care agency dedicated to providing optimum senior care.