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11/30: Concluding Message From Executive Director Kathleen Kelly

November 30, 2015

Yesterday’s blog post (November 29, 2015) was a pictorial essay “I Am a Caregiver for my __________” with families filling in the blank with their relatives – wives, brothers, mothers, fathers, and others dear to them. Entitled Let’s put a face on caregiving!, it is the faces and stories of the families Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) supports throughout the years by giving practical advice, teaching a skill, finding a resource, or just listening and acknowledging one’s caregiving journey. Throughout the month, individual caregiver stories have been threaded in between updates on policy, caregiving topics, and organizations that are working to better support caregiving families across the country. While FCA has a mission that embraces policy, research, and services, it really comes down to families doing their best to provide care and dignity to their loved ones.

But there is one more picture to share: our staff, which can be seen below. They are dedicated, hard-working, resourceful, smart, funny, and come ready to help families facing challenges on a daily basis. The staff has a sense of mission and purpose because we know that everyone will be touched by caregiving in their lives. While we can’t change the trajectory of an illness, we can make a difference by providing the best advice, support, and services to give control back to the caregivers and their families. So much has changed for the better for families in the past few years, but we are far from done. Now, as in the past 38 years, FCA will continue to push for better care, better services, and better policies to help family caregivers across the country. On behalf of the FCA Board of Directors and staff, we wish everyone a peaceful holiday season and a joyous New Year.

— Kathleen Kelly, MPA, Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance/National Center on Caregiving

(FCA Staff, 2015)

FCA is grateful to the guest bloggers who wrote for the 30 Days of Caregiving blog. We appreciate the time you took to share your knowledge, resources, perspectives, and personal experiences relating to family caregiving.

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